• Broom & Brush

    With the help of Dry foaming and Scrubbing technology,your plush and upholstery will be deep cleaned without damaging the fabric.

  • Cloths

    Cleaning cloths for all purposes, including microfiber cloths and bamboo cloth and natural sponge. All available here from the best natural brands.

  • Floor Cleaning Systems

    Our rugged, elegant & modular trolleys & carts can suit a wide variety of housekeeping needs. Modular, compact, handy and fully customizable solutions.

  • Dust Bins

    Dustbins are an important factor for both human health and environmental development. Hence, choosing the right garbage bin and using it responsibly can benefit the ecosystem.

  • Washroom Napkins / Rolls

    We offer a great range of washroom toilet paper for use in various kinds of dispenser (and of course, including convenential rolls!), hand towels, facial tissues and serviettes. Our toilet paper, paper towels & tissues and napkins are suitable for home, public and professional use. It's for an office, public restroom, wash room or workplace - and even at home.

  • Sponges & Scouring Pads

    The right cleaning products and tools make short work of household tasks, and sponges from popular brands. Use these products in the kitchen to clean dishes and flatware, scrub tile and porcelain in the bathroom or remove stains from walls, doors or furniture in any room.

  • Cleaning Agents

    Chemicals used for cleaning and in cleaning products, such as laundry detergents, bleaches, dishwashing products and other household cleaners, help improve cleaning efficiency, making homes, offices and other environments both easier to clean and more hygienic.

  • Dust Pan

    Sweep up and collect dry and moist debris in the same smooth, even movement. Angle-cut broom head features two kinds of bristles, and the closeable dustpan .

  • Dispenser

    A dispenser is a device that dispenses paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitize, maxi rolls and automatic air fresh. Some are operated by a handle, some by pulling the paper from the dispenser, and others by automatic dispensation in response to a motion sensor.

  • Floor Stripping Pads

    Floor pads are constructed of high quality, high porosity fiber for durability. Floor pads available for cleaning, buffing, burnishing, scrubbing, and floor stripping.

  • Pesticides

    Pesticides are substances that are meant to control pests, including weeds.

  • Rodenticides

    Rodenticides, colloquially rat poison, are typically non-specific pest control chemicals made and sold for the purpose of killing rodents

  • Herbal Products

    Herbal insecticides for Flies, Mosquito, Bedbugs and Ticks.

  • Pest Control Accessories

    Pest Control equipment & sprayers including hand pump sprayers, foggers, dusters, fumigators, spreaders

  • Bait Stations

    Bait stations are used to reduce damage caused by Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus), house mice (Mus musculus) and flies. Using rodent bait stations in rodent control increases both the effectiveness and safety of rodenticide use.

  • Fly Shield

    The Fly-Shield range offers probably one of the most popular, discreet, front of house choices on the market. Like other glue board machines in the insect-a-clear range these stainless steel machines attract and trap the flying insects on a UV stabilised glue board, without any annoying zap

  • Trap & Cages

    Cages are used in various forms of entertainment to create excitement from the sense that the entertainers are trapped in the cage.

  • Window Cleaning

    For clean, shiny and streak free windows, be sure to use the best window cleaning equipment and tools to get great results on even hard to reach windows.

  • Hand Gloves

    Natural rubber latex gloves are manufactured with highest grade of natural rubber. Our disposable vinyl gloves are latex free and come in both industrial and exam grades to cover a wide spectrum of applications. Oven glove is an insulated glove or mitten usually worn in the kitchen to easily protect the wearer's hand from hot objects such as ovens, stoves, cookware, etc.

  • Garbage Bags

    garbage bag is often disposed of with its content. A bag for packaging a disposable product is often disposed of when it is empty. Similarly, bags used

  • Machines

    Choose from walk-behind and rider scrubber equipment, disc or cylindrical brushes, and swap out heads for your unique job. ... Sweeper-Scrubbers use water/detergent and vacuum systems to thoroughly sweep and scrub floor surfaces with regular debris